Schrader Academy

Schrader Academy is the NEW official training division of Schrader Performance Sensors. Schrader believes that professional education and training is crucial to the proper installation and maintenance of tire pressure monitoring systems. To further influence safety and proper TPMS service, Schrader has developed the Schrader Academy brand to refer to all TPMS training initiatives and to build a community of premium TPMS service providers. As the world leader in TPMS, Schrader takes responsibility to provide training participants with comprehensive knowledge of any TPMS related topic including recent and upcoming innovations and developments.

Schrader Academy trainings combine decades of experience, research and development of the cutting-edge TPMS technology that Schrader has delivered for over 20 years.

More detailed information about Schrader's training options can be found on the website. You can also contact Schrader's TPMS experts at .